We Design Spaces To Perform At Its Best Capacity Following The Unique Needs Of Each Client

Maximized Value!

Our interior design studio provides commercial interior design services and projects across many industries. We are specialists in branding, innovative concepts, and the creation of inspirational commercial interiors for a diverse range of market sectors. Our team encloses all aspects of the project, from concept and design to manufacturing and installation.

Our projects are handled with the utmost professionalism, as we deliver innovative concepts that are aesthetically pleasing and conform to your business needs. Our services include bespoke furniture, lighting design, and 3D soft furnishing to convey the desired outcome as you envisioned.

Our skilled team created visionary interiors for many prestigious brands, with a clients’ portfolio including leading luxury fashion brands, global cosmetics and beauty brands, sports and wellness, as well as a broad range of multinational companies.

Add Value To Your Brand To Reach More People

• Creative concepts
• Maximizing the value of your space
• Attractive interiors that foster collaboration and creativity
• After-sales support by professional interior designers who can advise on maintenance and help the clients get the best return on their investment

At Stixels, we create solutions that encourage our clients to conceive their business goals while delivering clearly defined and measurable results.

Interior Design Consultancy:

Commercial interior design consultancy to meet your specific requirements. We do this by:

– Listening to you to understand your circumstances and business

– Mastering the challenges of due diligence to develop a strategy that best meets your needs

– Sourcing and weaving together a team of partners with complementary skills

– Working with you on an ongoing basis to deliver your vision to fruition

– Keeping an open dialogue so that you can fully appreciate our development process, thus shaping its course through informed decisions at every stage