We create habitable and productive spaces defined by special needs

At Stixels, we pursue creativity in design to establish reputable work, from pioneering commercial to residential projects, with distinction and knowledge. We provide floor plans with scaled drawings, certified sealed site plans to show the full extent of the site, and sealed drawings to help you design your brand store.

Curated Floor Plans:

We design customized floor plans for residential and commercial real estate to deliver the most use out of your space. Our team will take the time to explore your requirements and provide you with accurate drawings and detailed cost estimates based on the provided information, including the size of your property. Our team will check if the space is suitable for its intended purpose, work through any potential challenges, and redesign to ensure that initial suggestions meet all technical requirements before proceeding into more elaborate planning or building stages.

We create certified sealed site plans to showcase the proposed conditions for any given area. Site plans are an integral part of any project, as they help you visualize your project from start to finish and stay on schedule with your development. The site plan includes existing and proposed buildings, landscape elements, above-ground features and blocks, major infrastructure routes, and legal considerations such as property boundaries, setbacks, and rights of way. With our comprehensive knowledge of local permitting processes, we can help you navigate the rules related to local zoning codes or regulations.

Certified Sealed Site Plans