High-Quality Building Façade Decoration

Aluminum solid panels have been a proven tectonic solution for many years and offer the best value for wall cladding purposes across the globe. Hence, adopting aluminum panel cladding for facade/curtain wall decoration protects from changes in temperature, wind, water absorption, sunlight, and pollution – all of which can damage the structural virtue of your building.

Exterior metal cladding offers a range of benefits as external wall cladding over other materials. Therefore, metal cladding is highly durable and resistant to high moisture areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Made from metal, they are durable, providing exceptional strength in extreme weather conditions. It won’t need repainting or re-staining in the future, saving you money on maintenance costs and time over your roof’s lifetime, noting that you can cover it with any solid colors or special coatings.

Our facades are fabricated from high-quality material with various facade solutions to fit any budget. So, if you are looking for durability and sustainability, then Aluminum Cladding is your best option. We can reshape aluminum to meet any structure, and it’s recyclable, making it highly recommended as it will maintain its quality during the whole process.

Should you move further with Aluminum Cladding services, Stixels’ team is available to assist, offering you various solutions at affordable rates, with high-quality material.